Limited warranty

Due to the delicate nature of the models construction it is difficult to fully warranty them but I will cover minor damage for the first 30 days of ownership. The definition of minor damage is fully at the discretion of me as the builder to identify.

For example if you were to break an entire outer portion of a wing during the warranty period through normal usage I would replace that wing with a new unit. If some portion of the electronics stopped working I would also replace this type of issue with a new electronic set or repair if possible during the warranty period. If for example your cat were to jump on the model and destroy most of the structure I would not replace it but may give you a quote for repairs, these models make great cat toys but only once. Another example is if you set your model on the sofa and forgot it, then sat on it I would also not cover this type of damage. With proper handling this model will last for many years.

If minor damage occurs please send a description and photos to me for evaluation and if it is within the parameters of repair under warranty all you need to do is put the model back in its original shipping box secured properly and send it back postage paid for return receipt and I will fix it. If the damage is outside the warranty period or outside the limits of acceptable damage I will happily give a quote for repairs.

If you have any questions about this warranty or any other aspect of what I have to offer I am available anytime at or 719 359 6999