my boat

I started out building model airplanes when I was 5 years old. I was a low maintenance kid, all my parents need to do was supply me with balsawood, glue and a few simple tools and I was happy for days on end. I didn’t have anyone to teach me to build as my pop wasn’t into the hobby so I made many mistakes early on. I rapidly had early success that drove me to continue and by the time I was in my teenage years I was an accomplished modeler of not only flying planes but of many types including static display pieces. I had found had an artistic streak early in life as well and my education was based in the fine arts arena. During my school years and much to the chagrin of several girlfriends my aircraft modeling never let up. During my late teens I immersed myself in competition and captured several indoor duration national records as well as national championships. I would later move on to be the president of the oldest model aircraft club in the world the East Coast Indoor Modelers based in hanger #1 at Lakehurst NJ “” and would be on several gold medal world champion United States model teams.

After college it was time to find real employment and the skills that had been honed from age 5 came into play. I started my professional model making career by flying an indoor plane in the office of a potential employer who owned a model shop specializing in toy prototyping, he happened to be a pilot and I was given the job on the spot. This shop was lucky to have just made the first Super Soaker water gun prototypes and after being hired I spent the next 5 years producing models for this line of toys and in the process leaning the toy business from the ground up. Gaining these skills during my day job as a modeler also made my personal modeling skills razor sharp.

I continued to fly all variety of indoor models and also added RC to my skill set. I continued with indoor but now also did well with outdoor RC sailplane competitions and again gained many first place standings. My career also progressed and after a brief stint in an Atlanta Model shop I applied for a position with Mattel toys where I was the primary patternmaker for Matchbox cars. During my time with Mattel I made over 85 matchbox master patterns and gained a reputation as the top car sculptor in the “boys toys wheels division” for licensed vehicles. Working for Mattel was quite a satisfying time for me and only increased the passion I had for making fine models.

After Mattel I decided I would try my hand at bringing this passion I had for flying models and merge it with my career. I became the chief designer for all mass market flying toys for Estes-Cox corp. My job was now to design and develop flying models for customers such as Wal mart, Radio Shack, Target, Toys R Us, and many others, markets I was familiar with from my previous work in the “toy biz”. I developed many flying models for Estes with several of my designs topping their bestsellers list.matchbox

I am now freelance and have the time to develop limited edition flying works of art for the enthusiast and collector. Here at you will find the most exquisite flying models available anywhere and have the opportunity to purchase them directly from the creator.

The models I offer for sale are unique in the world of model aviation and are individually handcrafted. I bring a lifetime of experience and a passion for perfection in every model I build.


The Remote control models come with the latest state of the art digital proportional electronics and are built from the finest lightweight materials on the planet. Every model I offer from the sub gram indoor rubber powered model to the 2 channel biplane are built by me for you. These models are works of art and are limited editions made in small numbers. If you are a collector of unusual items that astound or want something very few will ever own then these models are for you.