Ministick - $230 plus shipping
limited to 250 examples

At less than 1 gram this rubber powered model is the lightest ready to fly model aircraft that is available anywhere. Model is built from hand select balsa and covered in an ultralight mylar material. The propeller is custom molded for this application and also made from select high quality balsa. Hand made aluminum nose bearing with Teflon washers allows for every bit of energy to be transferred to the prop for maximum efficiency This model is limited to 250 examples and arrives fully built and flight tested. An average flight can last as long as several minutes in a larger room.

Not for the heavy handed the Ministick model is a very delicate work of art and care must be taken when flying. At this weight the model cannot hurt itself and can easily run strait into walls and other obstacles without harm due to its low mass. With proper handling this model can last for decades and beyond.

Model is wound by hand and then flown in any indoor space. Truly a work of art you will not be disappointed with its flight characteristics, a real treat to watch and to show off. Your Ministick will come in a shipping box that can double as a hanger when not in use. Also included are 2 spare motors and a display stand. Motors will also be supplied for free for as long as you own the model (limit 3 per year) Comes with a comprehensive instruction and sheet and is covered by the limited warranty.