Corporate Airshows


Want to make your product launch really soar? Need to get noticed at your upcoming trade show? How about showing something really different to get your employees excited at your next corporate event. You can hire me to fly an amazing indoor airshow consisting of my special models at your next function.

You will get a customizable indoor air show that is guaranteed to get potential customers excited and make your company stand out in the crowd. I will fly my models around your venue or trade show booth area and can even provide a towable mini banner behind the models with your company logo. Nothing can make your event more memorable than watching these models.

You can fully brief me on what your product or selling point is and I will direct folks into your area with my excellent communication and sales skill set. I can even provide a giveaway model for a drawing that is guaranteed to net hundreds of business cards from folks who may otherwise hold back info.


What you will get?

  • Continuous flying at your site for the duration of the event.
  • A custom model for a drawing if desired to be given away at the end of your event.
  • Your specific brand logos attached to the models for instant recognition and a lasting memory in the eyes of your potential customers.
  • Depending on the venue several varieties of model can be flown.
  • Another charismatic member of your team for sales or information regarding your business as I interact with people.

I will bring everything I need to the event, all your need to do is sit back and watch the smiles as folks see the magic of these models associated with your company.

I have flown in dozens of corporate locations and event venues and my models are universally regarded as one of the most interesting and memorable aspects of any event I fly at.

Even though these models are incredibly safe due to their very low weight and experienced operation I am fully insured for liability. I have never in the 35 years of flying had even the slightest issue with safety regarding these models around people.

Please contact me for details about how I can bring flying magic to your next event!