2 cent Biplane- $750 plus shipping
limited to 100 examples

Top of the line - 2 channel digital proportional radio control model is built from hand select balsa with mylar covered wings. Reinforced with carbon fiber on fuselage as well as .010 carbon bracing for the wings and portions of the tail for a strong and lightweight structure. Model weight is approximately 5.4 grams (about 2 pennies) and will easily fly in a limited indoor space such as a living room. 30mah lipoly battery recharges from the transmitter and will give around 10 minutes of flight time fully charged.

Lipoly battery magnetizes to receiver and charger for easy connection.

Landing gear allows for takeoffs in about 3ft of space and easy landings. Main wing has incidence adjustment for slower or faster flight speed if desired. 5-1 geared molded carbon fiber propeller assembly gives the model plenty of power. This is hands down the slowest flying ready to fly RC model that is available anywhere in the world. Model comes completely built and ready for flight, each model is flight tested and trimmed prior to shipping. Model comes in a shipping box that can double as a hanger when not in use.

Truly a collectable treasure this model is sure to intrigue anyone who watches its mesmerizing slow flight capabilities. Comes with Model Transmitter/charger combo - 2 batteries as well as a comprehensive instruction sheet- Covered by my Limited warranty